David Johnson of Cane Bay Highlights the Benefits of Offshore Call Centers

Should an offshore call center be used? This is a question posed by many business owners. For quite a few of these individuals, the answer is yes and the following reasons demonstrate why making this move is wise.

Reduced Costs

Companies that choose to make use of an offshore call center find their costs decrease significantly. This is due to the reduced costs for infrastructure, operations, overhead, and more. They are taken on the by call center provider as opposed to the business making use of the service. Although these costs are passed on to clients, they are spread among all organizations making use of the call center which helps to keep the expense down.

Continuous Customer Service

A small business owner cannot man the phone around the clock. However, when an offshore call center is used, phones can be manned continuously. This ensures customers are helped in a timely manner, which they appreciate. This, in turn, increases their loyalty to the company which is always beneficial.

Increased Uptime

Servers go down. When a business maintains their own call center and the server goes down, customers may not be helped in a timely manner. Offshore call centers typically have multiple locations and staff to ensure this is never an issue. The calls are answered even when one or more locations are inoperational for any reason. The calls are simply transferred to a center that is up and running. In-house call centers typically don’t have this option.

Call Volume

Call volume varies based on many factors. When a company is inundated with calls, their in-house staff may not be able to answer all in a timely manner. Fortunately, offshore call centers often offer the option of using their services only during these busy times. As a result, every business should consider employing a center of this type for periods of heavy calls.


Companies spend a great deal of time interviewing, hiring and training employees. Once a person has established employment with the company, scheduling becomes a concern along with other human resource tasks. An offshore call center handles the hiring, training, and managing of their employees, removing this burden from the business owner.

David Johnson Cane Bay works with clients to address their call center needs. He understands how to go about finding the right provider. Furthermore, he can be of help in negotiating fees, addressing concerns, and more. Contact him today.